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Review: Constellations at Under the Radar

01-11-2020, Alison Walls,

In Performance: Thunderstorm 2.0 (Under the Radar)

01-11-2018, Adil Mansoor,

Review: Thunderstorm 2.0 at Skirball Center (Under the Radar)

01-11-2018, Ran Xia,


Review: ‘Thunderstorm 2.0’ at the Public’s Under the Radar Festival 2018

01-09-2018, Jessica Creane,


Thuderstorm 2.0

01-08-2018, Kenji Fujishima,


Ghosts 2.0 offers two perspectives on drama

11-24-2014, Xu Lin, China Daily


On Ibsen in One Take

9-19-2014, HECKLER,


On Ibsen in One Take

9-17-2014, Trista Coulter,


On Ibsen in One Take

9-16-2014, Samela Harris,


IBSEN IN ONE TAKE Breaks New Ground

9-16-2014, Barry Lenny,


Multimedia play has charm of old movie

5-9-2014, Xu Lin, China Daily


War Play

11-29-2013, Xu Lin, China Daily


Disarming 'Landmine 2.0'

11-21-2013, Liao Danlin, Global Times


New 'take' on Ibsen

10-9-2013, Liao Danlin, Global Times


Rise of China’s avant-garde

10-2013, Claire Ramtuhul, International Arts Manager


Modern China through a lovely Ibsen-filter

9-27-2013, Joost Ramaer,


New York play focuses on foreign love and green cards

5-3-2013, Caroline Berg, China Daily


Mixing it up with Ibsen 
11-23-2012, Xu Lin, China Daily


Lights, camera, theater! 
11-20-2012, Jiang Yuxia, Global Times


Apple of our eyes 
10-19-2012, Xu Lin, China Daily


Apple's ugly core exposed 
10-16-2012, Jiang Yuxia, Global Times


Waiting at the Station
8-2012, Joanna Brown,


Thunderstruck at the theater 
7-10-2012, Jiang Yuxia, Global Times


Theater breaks make-believe notion 
7-7-2012, Xu Lin, China Daily


Preaching the West's Radical Theatre 
4-22-2012, Pricsilla Jiao, South China Morning Post


Avant-garde Play Puts Woody Allen Center Stage
6-17-2011, Xu Lin, China Daily


In Touch with Women 
12-31-2010, Xu Lin, China Daily


Pushing the Boundaries
9-25-2010, Xu Lin, China Daily


Experimental Director Sours Again 
9-10-2010, Chu Meng, Beijing Today


From ōta Shōgo's Earth Station to Wang Chong's e-Station
Winter 2009, Mari Boyd, Theatre Forum (Issue 36)


On e-Station
8-31-2009, David Lipfert,


On e-Station
8-26-2009, Mariam Felton-Dansky,


On e-Station
8-22-2009, Will Fulton,


In China, V is for The Vagina Monologues
6-22-2009, Emily Rauhala,


The Vagina Monologues are Coming to Shanghai
6-9-2009, Justine Karp,


The Vagina Monologues Comes to Beijing
3-17-2009, Julian Gewirtz, Huffington Post


What Does Your "V" Have to Say?
3-2009, Vera Penêda, that's Beijing


Director Uses Shakespeare to Discuss Modern Problems

8-30-2006, Luo Jiajia, 21st Century


A Melancholy Dane, Indeed
3-22-2006, Joseph T. Rozmiarek, Honolulu Advertizer


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