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Tanzanian Premiere of

Made in China 2.0

By Wang Chong, co-created with Emma Valente

8pm, Friday, October 6th, 2023

Dar es Salaam Little Theatre

TZS 30,000


The performance is approximately 50 minutes.

Concept trailer

Wang Chong is recognised around the world as one of Beijing’s most significant theatre directors, celebrated for his visionary experiments with classic and contemporary plays. 


Wang creates Made in China 2.0 with Australian co-director Emma Valente to shine the light on his own experiences as an artist. In this insightful and unexpected solo, Wang takes us deep inside the mechanism of his creative risk-taking to share a personal manifesto for making trailblazing art back home and abroad.  


Dynamic, charismatic and compelling - don’t miss this powerful and illuminating portrait of family and popular culture. Made in China 2.0 is a forceful and moving examination of the role of the artist and provocateur in uncertain times. 

This 2023 new performance premiered in the U.S. and has sold out in Australia and the Netherlands.


There is great purpose to this piece of theatre.

Theatre Matters


One of the most powerful pieces of theatre ever to grace the stage.

Stage Whispers




Key Creatives


Writer, Co-Director & Cast: Wang Chong

Co-Director & Production Designer: Emma Valente

Co-Designer: Emma Lockhart Wilson

Dramaturg: Mark Pritchard

Touring Production Manager: Edwin Cheah

Image & Trailer: Tamarah Scott

Technical support in Tanzania: Eyecue Media


The Tanzanian premiere is produced by Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental.

Originally commissioned and produced by Malthouse Theatre Melbourne.

Sponsored by The Playking Foundation and Asia TOPA.

Special thanks to Marline Zaibak, Laura Milke Garner, Harvard Radcliffe Institute and Safemuse. 


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